Daniel Gawlowski

“…his Passion for Communication is infectious.”

Daniel Gawlowski is an expert in communication with two outstanding focal points. On the one hand, he helps executives and politicians to sharpen their public impact profile in terms of personality and appearance. On the other hand, he leads innovation-driven multi-stakeholder processes with his bulging design and systems thinking method case or is also on stage as a moderator at future-oriented events. His clients include big names such as BAYER and DEUTSCHE BANK, as well as start-ups from the technology sector and internationally active political foundations. Daniel Gawlowski lives in Munich and Linz.


Acting training diploma
Business Psychology B.A.
System Design M.A.
div. Trainings in the field of communication and coaching


For over 10 years successful actor in film/ television/ theater
Presenter for events for over 5 years.
For over 5 years trainer for body language/ rhetoric/ appearance and personality
System and Design Thinking facilitator for over 3 years