Can one create technical or social disruption? No. But you can strategically collide views, expertise and ideas in a staged space. We organize encounters from a wide-ranging network with beneficial explosions that leave no scorched earth behind. Welcome to the Department of Disruptive Disciplines! A Space beyond – because we all move not only in physical spaces, but above all in mental spaces. As pathfinders, we discuss with you questions, patterns and visions of social and economic relevance. A journey into the underlining of innovation.

Stories of poverty

Digital Values – Gap between Humanity and Technology

ATMOS and DONAU explore Linz air in the GRAND GARAGE

Point clouds, wisps, shooting stars – no cloud is free of them. The challenge lies in recognizing patterns and paths. The Department of Disruptive Disciplines creates experiential spaces in precisely circled settings – underground or overland. The answers that can be found are only as good as the questions that are asked. That’s why we are companions along the entire journey – starting from a precarious position, landing behind the next horizon and defying the supposed powerlessness.

Chris Müller

Wolf D. Prix

Michael Holzer

The Department of Disruptive Disciplines has its headquarters in the Tabakfabrik Linz. You can visit us here and book rooms. For your individual journey, we organize additionally other locations. Talk to us and contact us without obligation. We are looking forward to it!