Helmut Pürstinger

The managing director of pi3 as well as a management and personnel consultant describes himself as a “socialized electrical engineer”. In fact, Helmut Pürstinger started his professional career with an apprenticeship as an electrical technician in Schörfling am Attersee. As a result, he gained many years of experience in the handling of technical projects and qualified further in the direction of personnel representation and soon also took over the function of personnel management. He completed his Matura on the second educational path and studied sociology part-time. His thesis was published as a book entitled “Alternatives to the Wage Labor System. The Autotelic Employee. Leadership and Innovative Management for a Meaningful World of Work.”
Today, his range of competencies can be described as: Recruiting expert for executives and specialists in the industry sector, broad knowledge in the field of contract drafting and labor law, seminar leader, coach and sparring partner, high social competence due to many different roles in business, willing to perform, enthusiastic and willing to take risks, positive attitude towards life.