Walter Huemer

The Huemer Group is an Austrian, owner-managed IT infrastructure and data center service provider. The service portfolio has expanded considerably, especially in recent years, and now also includes areas such as business consulting, digital signage and mobility solutions. Security is at the center of all activities. HuemerIT is vendor-independent and its service portfolio is aimed at medium-sized companies in various industries, large companies in the financial, healthcare and energy supply sectors, and public administration.

Walter Huemer, Founder and CEO of HuemerIT, was born in 1971 to a working-class family in Wels. He discovered his interest in EDP at an early age and developed a lifelong passion for information technology. As one of the first in Upper Austria, he started working with electronic data transmission via acoustic couplers as a teenager. His training as an application developer at IBM is the starting signal for a steep career. At the age of 22, Walter Huemer starts his own business. Walter’s career developed as rapidly as technology itself. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the expansion of today’s Huemer Group and created numerous jobs and training positions in Austria.

Walter Huemer is a man with hands-on quality. He likes to share his knowledge, especially because the local economy is close to his heart. So he passes on his valuable wealth of experience wherever possible. For example, in his collaboration on the Digital Agenda of the City of Vienna.